Besides a lot of new knowledge and a lot of fun during our common projects work we have realised the following final products:

  1. The project website
  2. The project’s diary
  3. The web-page “What’s in the Sky tonight?”
  4. Articles for “Reach the Sky”- eJournalism
  5. Gallery of photography taken during the observations of the sky and natural processes
  6. Photo-gallery of photos of objects on the celestial sphere
  7. Leaflets promoting the astro-tourism on the natural environment of the cultural background of the region
  8. Models of the Solar System
  9. The Book of Legends and Myths “Zodiac”
  10. Astronomical Calendar
  11. English lessons related to the theme of the project
  12. A guide containing astronomy lesson plans
  13. Folders and leaflets containing information about the natural and cultural heritage of the region
  14. Models of  Sundial
  15. A concert music “In orbit”
  16. Moon and Moons – Moons’ multimedia presentations
  17. The video: Tracks of astronomy in Pecica and surroundings
  18. “The Hall of European Astronomers” and “The Hall of European Astronauts”
  19. The multimedia presentation “Sun and Constellation in Romanian Traditions”
  20. The photo gallery of Sally Ride EarthKAM’s pictures
  21. A campaigns to promote energy conservation, “Turn off the lights – save the energy”
  22. Presentations on “What can I change in my environment to save energy?”
  23. Collages for presenting the partners during the “Partners’ Day”
  24. An exhibition of computer graphics “Turn off the lights – save the energy!”
  25. The galleries of the bests photos from this project
  26. Presentation about the Sun and The Solar System
  27. The School’s logo
  28. Presentations of partners’ schools, towns, regions
  29. The astro-dictionary, the mini-dictionaries with topic vocabulary
  30. Posters, leaflets, flyers to promote the project “Reach the Sky”
  31. The Erasmus+ wall
  32. The mini – dictionaries with basic words in the languages of the partner countries
  33. Signposts with information about the direction to and the distance from the partner schools









This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This site reflects the views only of the authors’, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.