Project’s Meetings

The main objectives of international meetings are:

  • The joint exercise of observing the sky – in any country astronomical objects are located at a different height above the horizon and there are different environmental conditions resulting from the geographical location. Each time you complete the course collected measurements, observations and the pictures will be developed by international groups of students and the resurrection joint student work products.
  • Workshops, field recording – the creation of film and photographic reports from international teams work which will be used to create a guide containing lesson plans sciences;
  • Participation in conferences, lectures and other events organized in collaboration with academics, local authorities partner schools and the local community (students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders) on the subject of the project and the dissemination of its results and Erasmus +;
  • Participation in scientific tours to learn about the natural environment and cultural heritage of regions of partner schools;
  • Exchange of experience of teachers in the field of youth work, getting to know the functioning of schools and organizations working to improve the qualifications of teachers.




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