• A38: The classes integrate teams from partner schools, creation of a logo design, familiar with the functioning of schools and the education system in Slovenia, meeting with students, teachers, local authorities.
  • A39: To acquaint students of partner schools of the region and cultural achievements and the life of residents – dance shows, folk music, visiting Sentjur .
  • A40: Lectures and workshops in astronomical observatory in Ljubljana – an understanding of issues relating to outer space, visiting the laboratory testing satellite technologies.
  • A41: Visit the Astronomical Society Laboratory – a lecture on space, astronomical observations, “travel” to Alpha Centauri – the star in the constellation Centaurus, the execution calendar cosmos.
  • A42: A visit to the planetarium – a lecture on the Big Bang, comparing the stars and constellations.
  • A43: Getting to know the program Stellarium
  • A44: Getting to know the program Sally Ride EarthKam.
  • A45: Workshops- processing of captured images, to prepare for the competition and prepare photo gallery of the Earth.
  • A46: Educational Trip – Savinjska sightseeing attractions, a visit to the European Space Technology Centre in Vitanje.
  • A47: Summary of meeting the project – development by pupils of materials (abstracts, posters, etc.) on the project website, a profile on FB, the magazine and newspaper project.



25th – 30th November 2015

Franjo Malgaj Primary School /  Šentjur, Slovenia

*Schedule of activities can be change, depending on the weather forecast and other circumstances

23rd November 2015    Arrivals

  • 17.30 Arrival of the Spanish team
  • 18.00 Accommodation at the Hotel Zonta and host families.

24th November 2015 Arrivals

  • 5.00 – 6.00 Arrival of the Polish team;  Accommodation at the Hotel Zonta and host families; Resting till lunch
  • 8.00 – 8.20  Optional for Spanish team: Joining the classes
  • 13.00 Lunch at School canteen
  • 13.30 – 15.00 Sightseeing of Sentjur (with our students, teachers)
  • 13.00 Arrival of the Turkish team
  • 13.30 Accommodation at the Hotel Zonta and host families.
  • 17.30 Arrival of the Romanian team
  • 18.00 Accommodation at the Hotel Zonta and host families.

25th November 2015

  • 8.00 – 8.20 Arrivals to the School; School tour; Countries presentations by each School
  • 12.45 – 13.30 Official reception with cultural programme and quizes
  • 13.30 – 14.15 Lunch at School canteen;
  • 14.15 – 15.00 Visiting the planetarium
  • 15.00 – 16.00 Solar system presentations by each School
  • 16.00 – 17.00 Pizza break
  • 17.00 – 20.00 Acquaintance dance party at School

26th November 2015    

  • 8.00 Arrivals to the School; Bus drive to Ljubljana;
  • 10.00 – 11.30 Lecture and demonstration at Astronomical geophysical observatory Golovec, University of Ljubljana, Faculti for mathematic and physics;
  • 11.45 – 15.00    Lunch and sightseeing of Ljubljana;
  • 15.30 – 22.00 Bus drive to dark spot – lecture, workshop, observation, taking photos; Dinner ;
  • 24.00 Arrival to Sentjur

27th November 2015

  • 8.00 – 8.20 Arrivals to the School; Project logo; Stellarium programme;
  • 12.00    Lunch at School canteen;
  • 13.00 – 15.00    Free time;
  • 15.00 – 23.00    Bus drive to Prevorje Observatory – observation and taking photos; Dinner;
  • 24.00 Arrival to Sentjur;

28th    November 2015

  • 9.30 Late arrivals to the School; Computer editing and analyzing photos;  Making posters, media, FB, webpage;
  • 13.00    Lunch at restaurant;
  • 14.00 – 16.30    Demonstration of Sally Ride EarthKAM;  Editing Sally Ride photos;  Competition for the best Sally Ride EK photos; Competition for the best taken photo from observations;
  • 17.00 Students: free time with hosting families;
  • 18.00 Teachers: Dinner at tourist farm

29th November 2015

  • 9.00 Arrivals to the School
  • 10.00 – 18.30 Sightseeing the Savinjska region: bus drive to KSEVT, Museum, Old Castle, Sightseeing of Celje, optional: visiting mall
  • 19.00    Arrival to Sentjur

30th November 201 Final day and Departures

  • 7.00 Departure of Spanish team;
  • 7.30 Departure of Turkish team;
  • 8.20 Arrival of Polish and Romanian team at school;
  • 8.30 Final meeting – checking and evaluating the results;
  • 12.00 Lunch at School canteen;
  • 21.00 Departure of Polish and Romanian team.


On Tuesday, 24th November 2015 the partners’ teams arrived at Sentjur. We had a short meeting at school and after that a short sightseeing of Sentjur.

On Wednesday, 25th November 2015 the partners met at school and took a tour of school to get to know how the school works and some facts about the education system in Slovenia.

Later, each partner school gave a presentation about its country, region, town/city and school.

After lunch the official welcoming followed by the school headmaster and a representative of the local authorities and Slovenian students presented a cultural programme. We had a mobile planetarium presentation in the school’s sport hall, and after that students carried out a short quiz about the Solar System. In the afternoon, all the students took part in an acquaintance dance party at school.

On Thursday,  26th November 2015 the project team went to Ljubljana to attend a lecture at the Astronomical Geophysical Observatory at the Glovec at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the University of Ljubljana. Students could learn about modern methods of observing and photographic  the sky with the help of telescopes.

Later, a short sightseeing tour of Ljubljana followed. In the afternoon, the team went to the dark spot at Kurescek, where lectures and workshops were carried out. Students learned about the Solar System and the problem of light pollution and created an Astronomical Calendar. No observation were carried out due to bad weather conditions.

On Friday, 27th November 2015, everybody met at school again. Working in international teams, students solved puzzles and crosswords prepared by the Turkish team to check how much they learnt about the Solar System. Project coordinators met to discus future project activities and the next Erasmus meeting.

Later, students worked on the project logo and took part in Stellarium workshops. In the afternoon, the project team went ti Prevorje to carry out observations. Unfortunately, the weather conditions didn’t allowed for the observations again. Instead, students learnt how to  take photos on the dark sky and what applications they can use to observe the sky. They could also see experiments carried out by a Slovenian student, who made a comet as well as some… ice-cream, using liquid nitrogen.

On Saturday, 28th November 2015, students met at school to give presentation about the Solar System prepared by each team. They also prepared for Sally Ride EarthKAM photo contest, editing the photos they had taken in their schools. The jury, consisting on the representatives of each partner country, chose two best photos. Later, students  joined their host families for an afternoon and evening together.

On 29th November 2015 was a sightseeing day. Students and teachers visited KSEVT in Vitanje where they learnt about Herman Potocnik (Noordung) and his contribution to the exploration of the Universe.

Later, they visited Celje castle and Museum, where they could find out interesting facts about the history of the city and area.

On 30th November 2015, students and teachers met at school to sum up project activities, evaluate the meeting and say goodbye the Slovenian partners.