A14: Make the model of the Solar System

  • A14: Make the model of the Solar System, “planets trail” within the school or in the village

Due the bad weather condition and semester examinations we haven’t the chance to build outside the Solar System, but we prepared a lot of indoor models of Solar System:

  • Using an red umbrella, some black paint spray, some white paint, some foaming balls and acrylic paints we have created a nice Universe with our Solar System hanging on.
  • Using black cardboard,  phosphorescent stickers and colorful chalks we have drawn the Planets of Solar System.
  • Using a giant white cotton sheets, some phosphorescent pencils and glowing sticks and a Chinese lantern (for Sun) we created a glowing Solar System.
  • Using a tree branch we build the Solar System Tree
  • Using a cardboard box, some foam balls and some paint we had an nice Solar System model
  • Using cardboard, coloured pencils and scissors we created the planets of Solar System
  • Using magnetic planets, and coloured markers  we modeled the Solar System on the classroom magnetic whiteboard
  • Using a floor puzzle we created the model of Solar System
  • Using some foam ball, acrylic paint, and an electric engine we created the animated model of Solar System