EARTH HOUR , 19th MARCH 2016


In Pecica, Romania, we have also celebrated Earth Hour on 19th of March 2016.

“Gheorghe Lazar” High School’s students from Pecica, Romania celebrated Earth Hour in the town, joining to all the activities that had been organized worldwide in the evening of March 19th, 2016.



“Earth Hour” is an international event, organized each year at the end of March, which aims is to raise awareness of energy users, to the problem of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, to produce and consume electricity. This year institutions and organizations in nearly 50 cities across Romania have joined the action which consists in voluntary turning lights on by both individual consumers and institutions and economic units.

The event who was to take place in the city was popularized by teams of volunteers student who distributed flyers.



In Pecica the program began at 20:30, when street lighting were turned off in the downtown area, including King Michael l Square, where several hundred people gathered to take part in “Earth Hour”. Students under the guidance of the teachers: Elizabeta Andronie, Carmen Deliman, Blazena Karkus and Camelia Kallos prepared phosphorescent bracelets and glasses, wearing white shirts. Light needed was provided with fire lanterns, torches prepared by volunteers of the Red Cross, coordinated by Mihaela Dudaş-Donica.


The students from our high school had prepared a show in order to present and to shape the Solar System using phosphorescent materials. After the students’ presentation, using a mobile phone application, they found information about our solar system planets, stars and constellations and shared them with the audience.



“Earth Hour” ended with a spectacular fire show presented by Hypnosis troupe from Brașov.


The event was held with the support of City Hall and City Council Pecica, the Environmental Protection Service, who ensured the smooth collaboration between the school and administration. The event was witnessed by firefighters from the Volunteer Emergency Service (SVSU) Pecica.