A16: Earth Hour

  • A16: taking part in a global action of switching off lights “Earth Hour”

On 19th March 2016, with the help of Pecica’s City Hall and local organisation of Red Cross we held  an action in the International campaign “Earth Hour”, an action for awareness of importance of save energy and to protect our environment.

The public light in town was turned off for an hour. In this time our citizens heard for the first time about the light pollution. Our students distributed flyers with messages for minimise the light pollution in town and save energy. In the central square of the town our students played a show, with theme “Solar System and The Light Pollution”. The show was interactive, they teach people in a funny way about Solar System and Light pollution. Our students were build a Solar System from glowing sticks. Students have taught people how to use mobile application to read the sky.

The last part of this hour was dedicated to a professional juggling fire show.