A1 : carrying out observations of the sky and natural processes

Students starting to observe and take pictures of the autumnal sky.

On November 2016, students collected new photos of their sky observations:

Other pictures during sky observations in different seasons:

In March 2016 Liceul Teoretic „Gheorge Lazăr” from Pecica, Romania held a photography contest entitled „Head in Clouds”.

The winners of the contest are:

  • 1st place: Bianka N. “Solar autograph”
nagy bianka autograf solar
Solar Autograph, by Bianka N.
  • 2nd place: Csaba B. “Tiger Moon”
brezan csaba moon Over the skies
Moon over the skies, by Csaba B.
  • 3rd place: Adina P.
Fire on the heaven, by Adina P.
  • The most popular photo: Oana J.
Some Orange Cotton clouds, by Oana J.

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